At Pre-School Nursery we encourage healthy eating practices and ensure that children are taught eating good food helps us to grow both physically and mentally.


We offer a variety of snacks comprising of fruit/vegetable/dairy for children to enjoy for both morning and afternoon sessions.


We have a full menu for parents to see during their visit to our nursery which also lists all allergens found in foods to ensure that we cater for all dietary and cultural needs.  All food is stored and processed according to strict hygiene procedures and are sourced from reputable food shops.


We are mindful that some children have allergies or intolerance to allergens found in food and these are discussed with parents prior to joining to ensure we cater fully to the child’s individual circumstances.  We have effective procedures in place to ensure children do not eat food unsuitable for their health during snack times and that all staff are also made aware of these. 


For full time children parents will need to provide a nutritious packed lunched, which staff will ensure children eat during supervised lunch-breaks.