Ofsted Reports

We are finally proud to be able to share our first Ofsted Report! It was fantastic to hear such inspiring and positive comments from the Inspector on all the great aspects of our nursery.

The feedback on the day was absolutely amazing! I would like to thank all those parents who stayed and shared their thoughts/views with the Inspector on the day, she was so amazed at all the positive feedback from everyone. Also it meant a lot to us all to know how much parents value our efforts....so thank you again

We received congrats from all the Redbridge Early Years Team - below are some comments

  • ·Congratulations on your GOOD outcome! It was lovely to hear the Inspector observed so many positive aspects of what Munchkinz has to offer both children and families. Please pass on my congratulations to the team – Head Early Years
  • ·Congratulations on your Ofsted Inspection outcome– SEND Officer
  • ·Absolutely lovely feedback, well done to all -EYO/Ofsted Inspector
  • ·It was lovely to ‘celebrate’ your Ofsted outcome with you this week - Training and Workforce Development Lead/ Ex Ofsted Inspector

Very few nurseries achieve a 'Good' for a first report, so I am ecstatic that Ofsted was able to see what Munchkinz is all about!